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Month 14

From the start of my healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Life Style

31 May 2017
Healthy Life Style

The changes in my body after just over a year are gradually appreciated. In the picture the change is not appreciated as well as in person. During the past few weeks I have had many pains in the legs, especially in the feet, which has made it difficult to perform cardiovascular exercise on tape, therefore not being able to burn the excess fatty deposits that I have in my body mainly in the area Abdominal and upper legs.

Relevant Data:
  • Weight: 101, 5 Kg.
  • Mirror: Strong
  • Emotion: Cheerful
Featured photos :
  • Healthy Life Style

    FOTO 1: First month in the new gym and therefore more motivated. Just a couple of weeks to start swimming in the pool and therefore to be able to perform the best cardiovascular exercise that best suits me and therefore be able to exercise the legs and my whole body in general.

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Having suffered thrombosis, I was a Chef and now I help others lead a healthy life-style, through nutrition and sport. I will assess you during this new way of life all the time that is necessary, while you develop your own knowledge, which will allow you to live a unique experience and change your life forever!

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